Hello! We are so thrilled that you somehow found your way to our page. This blog is run mostly by myself, Christy Badaracco. I am a homemaker, wife, mother to three girls, assistant pastor, avid reader, and young living enthusiast.

This blog is a new adventure for the “3 brave girls”, but the phrase is not.  The phrase “Three Brave Girls” began when I was a single mother raising my two oldest daughters, Courtney and Ali. I would frequently use this phrase to motivate us and push us beyond any mountain or obstacle that we faced, which was many at the time. I would always remind my girls that we could get through anything together and with God. It kept us connected to God, to each other and to the belief that there was goodness to come in our future! We just had to keep bravely moving forward.  After I married my wonderful husband Jay, we brought another beautiful girl, Olivia, into the world.  We had 3 brave daughters!  And yes, although there are 4 Brave women in this family now, we hold tightly to the significance of the 3 Brave Girls.

Through this blog we hope you find your own Brave and the strength and courage to move forward in pursuing your biggest dreams – the ones that God has planted in your beautiful hearts! With my daughters now ages 22 (newly married), 20 (getting her college degree), and 11 (bossing us all), we all have  stories within us that we want to share for women of all ages!  Stories and words to encourage, uplift or maybe just make you laugh because you know you’ve been there too!

With Much Love,



10 thoughts on “About

  1. Excited to see the Blog. XOXO… Miss you girls! Someday we will reunite!!! Until then I will look for your stories to keep me in touch with you all!


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