Friends!  You found us!! Now that you are here, know that this first post is going to be short and to the point..I am WIPED OUT! The flu and lots of craziness has hit me hard this month!   I didn’t intend to start this way I promise you, but I must be real:  I barely know how to navigate a website let alone start a blog but with A LOT of help from my friends and lots of prayers, I am pursuing something new in 2017. I AM BEING BRAVE! I am reminded of what I told my girls growing up: Be brave- we are brave girls! When AND How did I ever lose sight of this ?  (see the ABOUT part of this blog for story) I’m facing fears;  I’m ignoring the critical inner voice I hear with every sentence I type (that’s not right/ intelligent/ good enough) and I’m praying that you do something new and walk in Bravery in 2017 along with me! Put away the social media,  pressures, to-do lists, and make time for you and your dreams. I will be walking alongside you- sometimes it actually might be more like stumbling in the dark but I also know that some days are gonna be great! Some days you are going to feel like you scaled Everest! BE BRAVE 

****Merriam-Webster, in its unabridged online version, defines brave as “resolute in facing odds; able to meet danger or endure pain or hardship without giving in to fear.”

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

So for me, tonight, I am signing off feeling like I accomplished something. A new beginning, a step in bravery . 

With love,



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