Friends!  You found us!! Now that you are here, know that this first post is going to be short ! 2 weeks ago we moved into a new home. It’s been 12 years since our last move and I had forgotten how exhausting it is!  HOWEVER… I made a commitment after our last post that I would keep pushing on .. despite the insecurities and all of the other gazillion reasons I could come up with to NOT write!  I barely know how to navigate a website let alone start a blog but with A LOT of help from my friends and lots of prayers, I am pursuing this in 2018- pursuing new dreams and  revisiting my creative side. I AM BEING BRAVE! I am reminded of what I told my girls growing up: Be brave- we are brave girls! When AND How did I ever lose sight of this ?  (see the ABOUT part of this blog for story) I’m facing fears;  I’m ignoring the critical inner voice I hear with every sentence that I type (that’s not right/ intelligent/ good enough) . I’m also praying that you do something new and walk in Bravery in 2018 along with me! Put away the social media,  pressures, to-do lists, and make time for you and your dreams. I will be walking alongside you- sometimes it actually might be more like stumbling in the dark but I also believe that some days are gonna be great! Some days you are going to feel like you scaled Everest! BE BRAVE 

****Merriam-Webster, in its unabridged online version, defines brave as “resolute in facing odds; able to meet danger or endure pain or hardship without giving in to fear.”

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

So for me, today, I am signing off feeling like I accomplished something. A new beginning, a step in bravery .  You can do it too. 

With love,


2 thoughts on “I’m getting there!!!

  1. I so enjoy your blog and hope you never loose sight that your words help someone that is reading them. We are all on a quest to be brave in some part of our life. Thank you.


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